PROTEX – Since 1986 – Dedication to meet the demands of today’s professionals by delivering outstanding, functional design.

PROTEX is a leading Japanese carry case brand manufactured by Fujikowa Industrial Co., Ltd, which has a long history of producing specialty high-quality containers, trunks and carry cases in Japan.

From their factories in Japan, PROTEX is committed to develop and produce the most protective cases for your belongings. PROTEX is able to protect your goods from vibration, shocks and environmental conditions. It is this dedication to high quality that has made PROTEX the choice of industry professionals. Professionals that vouch for PROTEX’ reliability are auto racing driver André Lotterer, the Japanese 24 Hours of Le Mans driver Yojiro Terada, and companies such as SONY and Honda among others.

Focusing on protection and innovation as their core principles, PROTEX has received awards, such as, “ The Good Design award” in 1986, 2001 and 2011. PROTEX’ factory in Tamamura, Japan, has received the ISO14001 certification for their efforts in environmental management.

PROTEX develops designs and quality of highest international standards. The brand’s worldwide presence includes references such as special designed containers for United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) and Ground Self-Defense Forces in Iraq.


good design award

Good Design Award

2011 Portafile by PROTEX was awarded the ’Good Design - Long Life Design Prize’. This prize is given to selected design products that have proved its timelessness and high quality through a longer period of time.

press test

Quality tests and certificates

Compression test: 1 ton. Strength test: JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). Additional independent strength test result: three times JIS standards. PROTEX carry cases are used for transportation of sensitive and fragile objects such as: electronics, measuring equipment, national treasure.